Hello, my name is Bonnie and I am in my crone years, (and believe me after raising 6 children, I am fine with it!)  I am not a Wiccan or anything like that, although “I do believe in ghosts”, and many things you can’t see with your eyes like, vibes. I believe in good vibes and bad. I practice and teach Reiki. This step was one of many major eye openers for me on my path to enlightenment, or as I like to put it, being in the present moment. Being in the present moment is not an easy task to set for yourself, and at the same time as easy as pie :0)  Van Morrison puts it very nicely in his song entitled “Enlightenment“.  I love to follow the Buddhist philosophies of Ahimsa, (non harming) and Satya (truthfulness). These 2 precepts alone have helped me immensely. I resonate greatly with the book, The 4 Agreements, as well. So, I am here, trusting in the Universe to bring me all that I can manifest. This is beautifully illustrated in the movie “The Never Ending Story”. I love to watch movies on spirituality, philosophy, love and fairy tales! And I love adventure stories of all kinds. At the moment my daughters and I are hooked on Sookie Stackhouse novels. I was surprised how much I liked to read them. But then again, I have always been intrigued by the occult. There is much to tell about me and I will share more as I wind my way through this life.

5 thoughts on “About”

  1. I keep telling myself I need to look into Buddhism, but I still haven’t. I enjoy reading about your life and youth. Thanks for writing.

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