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...we were told that we were going to see our mom again!  But 3 years had passed since we had seen her, and Bambi was now 6, I was 8, Shelly was 11 and Mindi was 14.  At that time we were enrolled in Sunland Elementary/Jr. High School in Sunland Ca.

Before we left, we went to visit and say goodbye to 2 of our favorite Aunts, Esther and Thelma who lived together in an amazing home with lots of lawn to play in and a court yard to play hide and seek between pillars and everything….

I am sure it wasn’t as grand as this photo taken from Google image, but to my young mind, I saw their home as exquisite as this is.  For many years I would draw the terracotta arches and the court yard.

I remember, they had candy in a glass dish that they set on a low table in the living room.   No one wanted to take any though because of the glass cover on the dish.  We didn’t want to break anything.  Those lids are heavy! and they are tough to balance in one little hand while picking out candy with the other…

But they were always kind and happy to see us children and we loved to visit their home.  I would miss them…

We got ready  to go with a few things packed in a bag.  We drove with our grandmother and dad to a motel where our mom was staying,… 4 young girls going to see their mother after so many years!  We were all a little excited, reticent and perhaps a bit scared.  I remember thinking, “What does she look like?  Will I remember her?  Will she remember me?  Will she like me?  Will I like her?  How long will she be with us?  What should I say to her?…” my mind raced on and on through these thoughts about meeting my mother.

We pulled into the motel.  The first thing we noticed was the pool!  You would think in California the sight of a swimming pool would be commonplace, but we were impressed by the fact that lot’s of kid’s were there with their families.  Laughing, splashing and calling out to each other in excited tones!  It was a hot day and we all longed to get in the water too!

But, we were directed by our father and grandmother to walk up the stairs on the outside of the building to my mom’s room to see her.  I was very shy.  We went into the motel room and it was such a contrast from being in the bright sun, that it took a minute or so to adjust to the darkness of the room.  I remember staring blindly at the place where her voice came from.  I heard her need for us before I saw it in her face.  She was not as I remembered.   She was a total stranger.  She was a beautiful woman with thick, wavy, natural red hair and she was pregnant! 

She was anxious to meet us all again and didn’t have enough arms to take us in all at once.  I felt awkward and hung back.  I didn’t have much to say when she questioned me about how I had been.   What could I say to sum up the last few years?  She was my mom, and I didn’t know her and she wanted to get to know us all again.  After reintroductions all around, we decided to go swimming.  Mom had on a blue bathing suit and she sat on the pool side with her feet in the water, while everyone else jumped right in!  Mom watched with a sad sort of smile on her face.  After a while, we were told to get into dry clothes because mom was taking us with her!  We were unsure and happy at the same time.  We said reluctant goodbyes to our grandmother and our father.  I don’t remember any tears…

What I do remember though, is that my sister Mindi wasn’t allowed to come! 

3 of us left for the airport with our mom and my beautiful sister Mindi got back in the car to go home with our dad and grandmother…

You should have seen her face …(to be continued)

Sad Young Woman