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I do Thai massage and I have been a yoga teacher for over 18 years and have loved every minute of it. But, a few years back, I was at a yoga retreat and at the end when we were in Savasana (relaxation) a couple of people went around and gave each student a few minutes of Thai massage to help us relax even further.  I got so many messages from my body during that time I will never forget it.  Such as, “so this is what it means to breath…” and… “Wow, I never thought it could feel so good just to open my chest and take a full breath!” and…”Really? my hips can open that much!” and finally, “You aren’t leaving are you? Please don’t go…will you marry me?!”

I manifested the money to take the training. I did it like this, I said “God, you know I have been wanting to do this training for a while now. (2 years!) My heart is totally into it. I want to use it to help my students to have the same wonderful experience I had when I first had it done to me. I also want it to be a way for me to make a living. I promise to Love each person I give this special hands on treatment to, and to be very careful of their bodies. If you can help me “find” the money, I will do this.”

My son, Simon, knew that I was wanting to make the money for the training so he said, “Mom, I will give the $90.00 I have saved up for your Thai workshop. I was going to say, “No thanks sweetie, You keep your money.” But, he was so sincere and I didn’t want him to think I didn’t appreciate it, so I said, “O.K.”

About 2 weeks later I was parked outside my yoga studio in Cooperstown N.Y. and when the class was over I heard some commotion outside.  One of the students had backed into my little white car and dented the door.  She was all apologetic, we exchanged information for the insurance company and life went on.

I was interested in a Thai training that was coming to Kripalu in Massachusetts in October. It was July.  The training including room and board and would cost $900.00 give or take a few dollars. I kept my fingers crossed.

An adjuster came to my home to check out the damage to the car and after all was said and done, the insurance company sent me a check for $810.00.  I was to fix my car door with that money.   I knew a great body work person in the town of Sharon Springs, so I went to see him.

I said, “Burnsie, I have been trying to manifest the money to go to a workshop for Thai massage. My car has this dent and…..(he walks towards his garage while I am talking and comes back)…and I wonder how much it will cost to fix it? I have all this money to fix it and I was hoping to use some of it to go to Kripalu to learn this really…(his back is to me as I stumble through my presentation, he is checking out my car)…neat way of doing yoga, well actually, I would be doing yoga for the student, you see they don’t really do anything, they just lay there. It doesn’t sound like a great thing from my description but…(POP! POP! POP!) I came out of my reverie long enough to look over at Burnsie.  He had just pulled the dent out of the door with some kind of tool that looked like a crow bar of sorts!

I said, “Oh! That looks good….So, how much do I owe you?”

Burnsie didn’t even blink an eye.  He just started to walk away towards his garage again with his tools in his grease and paint stained hands and he said, “Nothing, no problem.”

I ran up to him and gave him a big hug, because he meant it and he wouldn’t even consider taking any money for the service he had rendered. He was surprised, he has an “all in a days work” attitude and he took it like a man.

I went home and told my family what had happened and when I told everyone that I only needed to raise $90.00 more for my registration, Simon said, “No you don’t mom. Remember, I said I was going to give you that money I had saved up? It is yours. I want you to have it and go and have a good time.”  Of course I got all choked up and there were rounds of hugs all around.  I also realized that I had just manifested the exact amount of money for the workshop, minus what Simon said he would “pitch in”!

So, I signed up for the course.  I didn’t forget Burnsie in this for one minute though. I got right to work making him a batch of the most popular cookies in 2 counties. Double Chocolate Pecan Oatmeal Flaxseed Cookies. They sell very well in health food stores and Cafe’s in this area and are a meal in themselves.  My friends call them “survival cookies” because if they keep one with them and they get stranded in their car in the winter and there is a blizzard out and they can’t go anywhere for at least 12 hours they only have to pull out a Double Chocolate Pecan, or Walnut, or Peanut Butter Oatmeal Flaxseed Cookie and they are good until help comes or the weather changes!

I went to my training and had a blast! Great teacher, (Jonas We string!) from Sweden. He has studied in Thailand and lived there for many years. His training was top notch. I learned a lot and made some friends that I have stayed in touch with over the years.

I practice Thai now on all my students in all classes.  I give each student a minute or more of my time depending on how many are in class. Many times, they just want me to go around and do Thai on them.  So, sometimes we do partner yoga where they learn to do Thai on each other! It has been so popular that I hold regular workshops at the studios in Cooperstown and Cobleskill called: Thai for Couples and Singles.  I work on Jack, my husband, in the front of the room and the students are gathered around in a semi circle so they can see what to do.  We keep the work gentle and the atmosphere light hearted ;0)  It is a 3 hour workshop so that everyone gets at least 75 minutes of body work done to them…..Talk about total Bliss!!!   Afterward, I send them off with a folder with a CD of beautiful, relaxing music to use at home with a routine in a folder for practicing on their own.  I also make the most amazing Black Out Cake and each couple gets a huge slice of chocolate cake with whipped cream filling and chocolate frosting! Needless to say, everyone leaves with a smile on their face ;0)

I have manifested many things in this same way. I once asked God for money to pay my bills. I went out to my car parked in the street that afternoon and found someone’s pay check in my car.!  It was summer and the windows were down and evidently a young person walked by and mistook my car for his and tossed his paycheck in, envelope and all, into my passenger seat!  I called the number on the check and talked to his mom and returned it.  After that I am very precise when I ask for what I want and I do get it!  You can do the same!

It just takes a little leap of faith…..and a trusting heart!