Well, I took time off from work for 3 weeks to visit my daughter and her family in Germanz(y). I was only out there for a short time and it took me a little bit to figure out how to use their keyboard. The “y” is in the “z” spot and vice/verse. So, I finallz got it down and here I am, back in the U.S. and when I go to type, I am still reversing the 2 letters. It is a little like when you move the kitchen garbage can to another spot in the kitchen. Even though you are the one who initiated the change, you still find yourself turning toward the old place where the can used to be, or the scissors used to hang or where the x,y or z key used to be out of habit before realizing that you are doing it wrong. So, I am not going to fix or apologize for any mistakes in the “y vs. z” mix up. Until I get my fingers to remember how it used to be.

I always loved to tzpe. It was one of my favorite subjects in high school. In my day, we didn’t have computers or keyboarding, we had electric type writers. So, I am sitting in a class of 20, with the teacher ranting about a list of rules to type by…”feet flat on the floor, no crossing your feet or your knees. Eyes on your paper, shoulders back, back straight, head high, mouth closed!” with a symphonz of keys clicking away and the intermittent slide of the carriage moving back to the far left after moving as far right as you had allowed when you set your margins. Remember setting the margins manually?  It always reminds me of The famous Jerry Lewis typing song.  If you have never seen it, click here and check it out for a laugh….


Now all we have to type on (for most of us) is computers. My kids were home schooled, and I always thought I would not allow the internet into my home because of the “too much information aspect” it introduced into my very christian based home. But, once I got a handle on that, in other words, the kids put up a big enough stink and my husband sided with them, we were off and running in the world of internet.  They were all whizzes at it! My 2 boys were so good at typing, working on the computer, figuring out how to change settings, to personalize the thing, to change the formats, put up a new picture on the desk top, (heck, I didn’t even know what a desktop was!)  at such a young age, I didn’t believe that any one who had kid’s couldn’t do it as well. I was proven wrong. My kid’s were whizzes at not only keyboarding, but figuring out computers altogether. When their friends needed help, they would fix, reformat, or trouble shoot for them as well.  If they couldn’t figure something out on their own, they would do research until they did find the answer, and many times they were innovative enough to create an altogether new way to fix a wayward problem. I was (and continue to be)  very proud of them!  They finished high school and went to college to study more about computers and graduated with degrees in computer excellence! Which is how I came to go to Germany in the first place. One of my sons was accepted for an internship at a computer company that my son in law worked at in Germany.  He and I traveled there together in late May. We had a blast with our reunited family. My grand daughter is 2 years old and she is learning to speak English with her mother and German with her father.  She is a chatterbox in two languages! (and I’m having trouble finding the x,y & z keys!) Anyway, the country was as beautiful as everyone assured me it would be. I ate wonderful food and visited many historical places including ancient, medieval castles. To coin an old phrase “a great time was had by all!”. 

I got back last night and reunited with my husband and son who stayed behind to hold down the fort. Now, I have a couple of days off to get back on track before I get into my old routine. But, I am noticing that after typing for the length of time it took to write this post, that my fingers have refound the correct place for the American x,y & z keys. Now to move the garbage can back to it’s old spot!