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Many years ago I was in a quandary as to whether to pursue my desire to practice yoga and at some point teach it. My concern was that my christian based religious background frowned upon doing yoga. I went to many different parish priests to ask the reason why doing yoga and teaching it would go against my religion. The answers I received were all pretty much as you might expect from a fear based religion. You don’t dabble in anything that opens you up spiritually because you are inviting in all sorts of negative energy, or in other words, the devil into your life. I felt that  something that gave me so much pleasure and that felt so “right” for me personally couldn’t be that bad, so I continued my quest for a better answer. I found it in a small parish church in a little upstate N.Y. town called Worcester. The priest at St. Joseph’s took my question very seriously and told me that all the energies in the world are created by God and that there is nothing to fear from opening myself up spiritually if my intention was to feel good about myself in a way that is non-harming to others. It was put simply, and I believed it. That night I lie in bed thinking about all the different views I had heard about my desire to do and teach this ancient philosophy of becoming one with yourself and your surroundings. I finally fell asleep. I dreamed that I was walking in a lovely green field, the field turned to sand, then I saw what looked like a large stone in the sand. I couldn’t quite make out what I was seeing until I realized that what I thought was a rock was actually a statue. It began looming out of the sand far above my head. I stood back and looked up at what appeared to be the Blessed Mother dressed in the traditional garb of India. She was sitting in Lotus position and she was at least 40 feet tall looking down upon me. She had a serene soft smile on her face.  I felt at peace.  I woke up that morning remembering the dream and how it made me feel. I was in awe… From that time on, I have followed my heart and pursued my path to practice and teach yoga. It was on this path that I met my husband and life partner. I learned how to love myself and to accept others. The Blessed Mother has always been the one I would pray to when I felt lonely, confused or scared as a young child growing up. When she came to me in my dream, I felt that without saying a word she had answered all my fears and concerns and I was at home within myself to follow my dream.